London Spirits Competition 2020

London Spirits Competition 2020

Jonathan Clark Wins a Gold medal at London Spirits Competition 

This is the ultimate seal of approval in the global spirits industry. In order to receive this distinction, we needed to score highly in three different categories: Quality, Value, and Packaging. Spirits that scored 90+ points were awarded Gold medals.


The high quality of our gins is so important to us. As mentioned in a different note we nurse our recipes probably too much. Achieving Gold standard recognition is something as a family we’re extremely proud of, it's great to know other people like our gin, not just us! 

Now more than ever, to have a unique bottle is essential. Hence why we took our time to get ours right. We wanted to create a bottle that would stand out in your micro... or not so microbar. Jonathan not only has a good pallet but selfishly a good eye. It's got to look as good as it tastes right? 

As with any initial idea we turned to Google. We deviled into any bottle related rabbit hole on the internet. Then spent days picking out bottles that appealed and sketching ideas on used envelopes. Eventually, we’d refined the search. Thankfully, since the kitchen at home was overcrowded with a variety of bottles, old and new, with space for little else. 

In collaboration with the very talented and patient Hamish from boundless design the process began. The original shape was inspired by ancient potion bottles. The coin that hangs around the neck of the bottle is an exact replica of an Alfred the Great coin, of which the Distillery possesses one of three remaining. Interestingly this was the first coin to have a monarch's face presented on it. The Wessex logo is a Wyvern which is the symbol of Wessex and it wraps around the iconic Wessex Gin goblet. 

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