New Packaging & Glassware Announcement!

New Packaging & Glassware Announcement!

Plastic free packaging!

At Wessex, we care about preserving the environment for the next generation, or else they’ll never get to experience Wessex Distillery Gin! Sustainable business practices are an important goal for us, and we’re working hard to take steps towards a more eco-friendly future.

A step toward this is our new packaging! We’ve designed new plastic-free packaging for our gin bottles to be delivered in. We are very pleased to say that our packaging is now 100% cardboard and fully recyclable!

Don’t worry, we’ve done vigorous testing to ensure your gin still arrives safely while being a bit more sustainable. We’re confident that our new packaging design will help to reduce plastic waste while protecting our products for their cross-country journeys to your door. 

Cardboard plastic-free packaging for Alfred the Great gin and a Wessex Glass


This comes alongside another new exciting product we are offering! We have just launched a new ‘Wessex Glass’. Our sleek new goblet shaped glassware adorns our medieval inspired logo, which features coloured glass in the same shade as our ‘Alfred the Great’ London Dry Gin Bottles. So it will make the perfect matching set!

New Wessex Glasses, logo branded design, goblet shaped glass with teal blue glass effect

You can find more information about our sustainability plans or browse our 70cl gin flavours to snap up a new Wessex Distillery Glass! 

Tell us your thoughts on our new packaging and glassware on social media, you can find us @WessexGin.

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