The Gin Masters 2020

The Gin Masters 2020

Wessex is hugely proud to say we've been awarded Gold at the Gin Masters Competition 2020 for both our Gooseberry & Elderflower and Wyvern's Classic Gin! The Gin masters are now the largest global blind-tasting competition. This year was particularly fierce with almost 200 expressions. It turns out our taste buds aren't so bad after all. 


We'd lost count of the iterations made to strike the perfect balance. We enjoyed refining our recipes and tasting them with our friends. Often called upon a few neighbours, in particular, whos taste buds we'd become reliant on over the years. They'd shared our gin journey with us since the beginning from the old 'City of London Distillery' days back in 2012. Each tasting, usually falling on a Friday night, would be completed blind. Each sample would initially be tasted neat then with water. No one was to pass judgement until everyone had formed their own opinions. Not everyone would agree. From Monday we would tweak the recipes and repeat the Friday night ritual. Perhaps over some cheese straws this time. It's fair to say we were particularly satisfied with our final cut of 'Wyvern's Classic' ultra-premium gin. To which we raised numerous glasses.


Gooseberry & Elderflower Gin is a perfectly refreshing fruity alternative. Essentially not too sweet with a tangy edge and a depth of flavour not always found in flavoured gins. The elderflower adds a playful complexity to be enjoyed as a G&T and in exotic summer cocktails. We hope for the weekend mixologists to indulge and share their creations with us!


Since this was our first entry to the competition to date we're encouraged to keep producing innovative and quality spirits. Let see what we can come up with next. 

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