What's the local Wessex history?

What's the local Wessex history?

Wessex Distillery is nestled in Godalming a historic town in Surrey. People often ask us, what is the link with Alfred?


There is a strong suspicion of an Anglo-Saxon settlement and a ‘royal residence’ in Godalming. The site of St. Peter and St. Pauls Church in the town centre dates back to the reign of Alfred. Saxon pottery and nearby burial sites were discovered where you find todays supermarket, Waitrose. Alfred left Godalming to his nephew, Æthelwold, in his will to which he then refused. It seems he had other plans. :/


St John the Baptist Church in Busbridge hosts a stain glass window depicting the king at the 7th Century Saxon church in Tuesley, a few miles south of Godalming. As well as places of worship, Alfred used the local area as a battle ground. Nearby Farnham is where he defeated the Danes in 892AD to which they retreated back to Exeter.  


The Wessex of Alfred the Great covered vast distances including Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent, later London and Essex.


So, there you go King Alfred the Great helped put Godalming on the map! :)

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