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What's the story?

Wessex started back in 2017 with the aim to keep Jonathan busy after the sale of his previous distillery based in London. Wessex began its life as a lifestyle gin distillery to dabble with locally. However, Jonathan's ambitions gripped him and he quickly became curious and excited for Wessex’s potential. 


The recipes were then criticised and finalised, with the help from our rigorous tasting panel featuring trusted friends. Jonathan swiftly roped in Christopher after finishing his university degree. Chris’ thoughts of having a long dreamy summer were put to one side. Simultaneously the bottle was reiterated to create the beautiful and original design we have now.


The two of them under the watchful eye of Gillian started to create the distillery as you see it today. This involved a lot of driving and recharging the folk lift, like a game of Tetris. All the relevant equipment had arrived and the focused moved towards sales and getting the gin out the door. 


Amy joined the party by started to organise Wessex’s patch at local farmers markets and county shows. The first bottle sold was at the Surrey County show 2019. We soon had a whole summer filled and the run-up to Christmas was looking busy too. David would show his face at the weekends bringing great character when chatting with potential customers. During the week Amy would drive in the Wessex wagon talking with independent wine merchants and farm shops to see if they would stock us. So far Wessex has been well received.


In November 2019 we jumped from having one product to six since we’re incapable of doing anything in small measures. We now have a strong range with something for everyone’s palate. We’re proud of what we’ve created and at the end of the day, it’s just nice to have a good G&T.


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