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Gin bauble Set

Product image 1Gin bauble Set
Product image 2Gin bauble Set
Product image 3Gin bauble Set
Product image 4Gin bauble Set
Product image 5Gin bauble Set
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This is the perfect introduction to Wessex Distillery for yourself or a friend. Taste our entire flavour portfolio & decorate the Christmas Tree!

A charming hessian bag containing all seven 5cl bottles of gin in our range, tied with a blue ribbon so they hang proudly on your Christmas tree!

1 x Wyvern Classic Gin: The bold one

Classic nose, plenty of juniper backed up by citrus (lemon, orange & pink grapefruit), warming spices and pepper. Round. Luxurious and creamy with a fantastic palate. An outstanding example and truly well made gin.

1 x Alfred the Great Gin: The original one 

An exceptionally smooth gin in honor of Alfred the first King of England known to be ‘The Truth Teller.’ Hence why this gin comes without the fuss. It contains a precise balance of core botanicals, with a strong initial thump of juniper, followed by enlightening coriander and lively citrus endnotes.

1 x Gooseberry & Elderflower Gin: The fruity one

To taste, the sweet and zingy gooseberry is perfectly matched with the fragrant elderflower. Complimentary citrus and earthy botanicals excite adding depth and warmth to the gin. Resulting in a perfect bittersweet drink.

1 x Saxon Garden Gin: The floral one

The bright ping of citrus up front, followed by the sweetness of white chocolate, backed up with lemon peel and juniper on the palate. Well-integrated with a spicy finish.

1 x English Sloe Gin: The sweet one

A well-balanced sloe gin, plenty of fruity character with a pretty palate and hints of almond. 

1 x Sicilian Lemon & Ginger Gin: The new one

The perfectly ripe Sicilian lemons are hand-peeled by one of the family and infused with vacuum distilled ginger as well as our core botanicals. We carefully extract the most delicate flavours in higher pressures but lower temperatures. Ensuring we get all the best flavour. 

1 x Wyvern's Spiced Gin: The fiery one

Botanicals include a mix of fresh ginger, cardamon & cubeb layered on top of juniper, and coriander seed. You'll discover the kick from our old Indian cloves with a lasting cool citrus finish, giving a unique robust fiery gin. 

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