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Rhubarb & Ginger Gin + a free hand sanitiser

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It's pink!

Our Rhubarb and Ginger Gin is created with our unique two-step process. We use real rhubarb juice and ginger that is distilled in our vacuum still. This process allows the true flavours to come through creating this world-class gin.

From the nose the predominant fresh rhubarb is perfectly matched with the heat of ginger. You will then discover the complementary earthy botanicals, like cinnamon, to create a depth of flavour. Once warmed a refreshing sweet citrus finish will excite and reset your pallet for your next sip.  

ABV 40%


Recommended serve

Keep it simple with a generous amount of ice, a double measure topped with ginger ale or a Mediterranean light tonic and finished with a twist of lemon. 

Try a pink gin fizz. Find your favourite glass and fill it with ice. Then add a squeeze of lemon juice, pour a double measure of Wessex rhubarb & ginger gin and top with champagne or soda. Finish with fresh mint leaves and a fancy straw. 

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