Gin Wholesalers UK: Partner with us!

We work with a range of shops, restaurants, and bars that stock our award-winning, English craft gin. We take pride in our long-term relationships with Gin wholesalers UK, including a variety of retailers and businesses within the service industry across Britain. 

Why Stock Our Craft Gin?

Craft gin has been growing in popularity for years, and customers are beginning to expect craft gin options at pubs, bars, and shops across the country. English gin, in particular, is famous for its quality and authenticity. At Wessex Distillery, we use traditional methods and high-quality ingredients to create our gin. That’s why we are a favourite, even among the craft gin drinkers community in the UK. We would argue, every good pub in England should have a great craft gin. 

We know that the UK is full of avid gin drinkers searching for new gins to try, and that’s why gin wholesalers UK come to us. Since customers go to restaurants and pubs for a quality experience, one they couldn’t create at home, we help businesses go the extra mile. Wessex Distillery can provide a selection of the best craft gin in the UK for reasonable prices and great customer service, from a renowned brand. Let your business appeal to a high-end market, with our universally loved gin.

Browse our case studies for real examples of what we can do!

We make is easy for gin wholesalers UK

Bulk buying our gin is easy. Simply submit your order via the checkout process, and you can expect to receive it in 5 days. But which gin should you stock?

Browse our gin flavours here:

Ginger & Sicilian Lemon Gin

Alfred the Great Dry Gin

Gooseberry & Elderflower Gin

Saxon Garden Gin

English Sloe Gin

Wyvern’s Classic Gin

Wyvern’s Spiced Gin

Rhubarb & Ginger Gin

Mixed Case of 6x70cl

To apply for a wholesale UK order, simply contact us on the form below. Or, go here for more information on our international wholesale gin process.

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