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Competition Success

Shortlisted by the International Wines & Spirits Competition for UK Gin producer of the year.

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Welcome to Wessex Distillery

Wessex Distillery is an multi award winning family-run distillery based just outside Godalming in the heart of the Surrey Hills. The Wessex Distillery logo features a Wyvern, the legendary dragon of Wessex. As well as on the lables, you’ll also find it wrapped around our iconic Wessex Gin goblets.

From the beginning, our overall aim was to create authentic traditionally-crafted wonderful tasting spirits. We took great time and care to create the perfect balance in all our recipes, with numerous  "tasting sessions". It is a hard job, but someone has to do it.

All our gins are created in our 240-litre copper pot still named Toby, after our Grandma, using the highest quality botanicals and the freshest fruit juices.

After distillation the gin is directed downstairs to be bottled by one of the family.The unique bottle design is expertly made in the UK, taking inspiration from ancient potion bottles with cork stoppers in jewelled colours.

After having a successful first year selling the original ‘Alfred the Great Gin’ we have expanded our range. This now features seven different gins. Including our‘Wyvern Classic Gin’ which has had a successful award season this year, winning Gold Outstanding at the International wines & Spirits Competition, as well as Gold at the Gin Masters and London Spirits Competition. Our Gooseberry &Elderflower Gin has proved to be popular, winning Gold at the Gin Masters 2020. We have gins to suit everyone’s taste buds with Saxon Garden Gin, Wyvern’s Spiced Gin, Sicilian Lemon & Ginger and English Sloe Gin in our ever-evolving gin portfolio.

For a small team in Wormley to be shortlisted for the 2020 Spirit Producer Award for UK Gin producer by the IWSC is well worth celebrating. Since this year has been very successful for the gin category, we're in good company. To say the least, we're very proud!

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